Plat Book Reseller Program


We can help you reach and connect with landowners.


As a parcel data provider for over 70 years, we have developed a strong network of landowners, recreationists and business owners who rely on our mapping products. We understand the value of a regular update cycle for counties due to changes in land ownership and regional demand.

Our Reseller Program provides the opportunity for you to reach and connect with local residents who have a need for personal or commercial-based land ownership information.

How can becoming a Reseller help me achieve my goals?

Marketing is essential to your organization’s sustainability. Being a plat book Reseller is a unique tactic that will raise your organization's profile and bring in new traffic to help promote your services while providing a valuable service to the community. We believe offering a truly high-quality plat book is the biggest factor in raising your profile with local landowners. Our strict quality control standards mean unparalleled accuracy and our GIS production allows us to offer top-of-the-line quality features in all our books. Our books not only bring in landowners, but they leave a lasting impression. If you are looking to grow your business... look no further than Rockford Map Publishers.

We have published 4,869 editions in over 700 counties and 20 states.


Plat Book Reseller Program Overview


Simple Pricing.
Quantity discounts available. Contact us for pricing in your area!
No initial order or reorder minimums.
Order according to the budget, schedule and volume comfortable for you – use the return on your initial order to fund the next one!
Earn complimentary branding.
An initial order of 100+ gets your organization’s name, location and website on the front cover – applicable to all reorders regardless of quantity.
Increase sales potential with exclusivity.
Place an initial order of 250+ and become the exclusive local Reseller for  your county.
No contract required.
We are continually investing in a regular update cycle – all you need to do is submit your Reseller Application.
Sales and marketing support provided.
We help you get the word out by supplying an optimized Press Release, Reseller Guide (.pdf), flyers and more! 
There is no catch.
This easy, budget-friendly program limits your investment risk – the perfect program to support your marketing goal of generating revenue and interest in your services.


Quality and Accuracy
Users prefer our map products due to our high standard of quality and accuracy.

We have been publishing plat books since 1944. Let our track record deliver you results.

Customer or sales support... We are here for you when you need us.


Apply and become an authorized plat book Reseller today!





"The plat books are very good quality and they sell themselves. My customers really like them and were anxious for the updated version."Chapin State Bank (Chapin, IL)

"We have carried Rockford Map plat books for years. The impression they leave on customers is an invaluable marketing tool."Columbia County Title Company (Portage, WI)

"I really appreciate how easy you made the whole process. Getting this project done was one of my first tasks and I was unsure of everything. Rockford held my hand the entire way." Marshall County SWCD (Plymouth, IN)